Public Space CCTV

For nearly a decade Enigma has been one of the few specialist security companies operating within the UK to offer a dedicated subsidiary, whose service is the management and provision of Control Room CCTV monitoring staff.

We’re audited by SSAIB and accredited by the SIA, and certified as meeting the standards required by the British standard for CCTV monitoring. So you can rest assured your CCTV system is being monitored by highly trained and professional staff.

Enigma CCTV’s services include the following:

  • Complete control room management
  • The provision of experienced, qualified and licenced CCTV Operators nationally
  • Outsourced control room services to Enigma’s SSAIB Approved Grade II Alarm Receiving Centre and Monitoring Station
  • Public Space Surveillance CCTV and Control Room Consultancy
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

“We are driven by quality and compliance, and this is paramount in a CCTV Control Room environment.”